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We are pleased to share with you a set of presentation slides by Dr. Caroline Attardo Genco, Ph.D., the Provost and Senior Vice President. In these slides, Dr. Genco addresses critical aspects that shape our academic landscape and impact the overall faculty experience.

The presentation covers:

  1. Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Priorities:
    Dr. Genco outlines key priorities for the current fiscal year, shedding light on initiatives aimed at enhancing the academic environment for faculty.
  2. Faculty Senate Concerns:
    Addressing important concerns raised by the Faculty Senate, including discussions on faculty housing, compensation, and the annual performance review process.
  3. Executive Searches:
    An overview of ongoing executive searches for crucial leadership positions within the university, including the Vice Provost for Faculty, Fletcher School dean, and the dean of Arts and Sciences.

To access Dr. Genco’s presentation slides and delve into these significant topics click here.