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Initiated in Spring 2017, the Senate provides faculty representation from all Schools of the University “in order to facilitate and enhance the effectiveness of the governance of the University and further develop a shared sense of community among its members.”  There are thirty (30) elected faculty officers and three (3) ex-officio members from the university administration.

Major issues focus on university-wide plans and policies. The schools are still autonomous, but issues that may impact/influence faculty at other schools can be brought before the Senate for consideration.  Its powers are not absolute, but the Senate allows a central body in which issues that may be of concern to the entire university can be addressed and faculty can have a voice in these matters.  Issues may be introduced by the administration or from faculty at the various schools.

Please contact any Faculty Senate member if you have a question or issue you feel the Senate should address. You can also submit an issue for Senate consideration by filling out the “Contact Us” form on the homepage or by emailing

Faculty Senate Members, 2023-24 Academic Year

School Senator Term Dates
Cummings School Cynthia Leveille-Webster 2021-2024
Cummings School Fair Vassoler 2023-2026
Cummings School Mary Anna Labato 2022-2025
Fletcher School Jette Knudsen 2021-2024
Fletcher School Kimberly Theidon 2022-2025
Fletcher School David Logan 2023-2026
Friedman School Elena Naumova 2021-2024
Friedman School Erin Hennessy 2022-2025
Friedman School Jennifer Coates 2023-2026
GSBS Henry Wortis 2021-2024
GSBS Larry Feig 2023-2026
School of Arts & Sciences David Proctor 2022-2024
School of Arts & Sciences Erin Seaton 2021-2024
School of Arts & Sciences Fulton Gonzalez 2021-2025
School of Arts & Sciences Karen Kosinski 2022-2025
School of Arts & Sciences Krishna Kumar 2023-2024
School of Arts & Sciences Pedro Angel Palou 2022-2025
School of Arts & Sciences Silvia Bottinelli 2022-2025
School of Arts & Sciences Timothy Atherton 2023-2026
School of Dental Medicine Aikaterini Papathanasiou 2023-2026
School of Dental Medicine Ali Muftu 2022-2025
School of Dental Medicine Olympia Karacosta 2021-2024
School of Engineering J.P. de Ruiter 2023-2026
School of Engineering Kevin Oye 2021-2024
School of Engineering Luis Dorfmann 2022-2025
School of Medicine Agnieszka Trzcinka 2021-2024
School of Medicine Lawrence Hotes (Carney) 2023-2026
School of Medicine Michael Malamy 2022-2025
School of Medicine Susan Koch-Weser 2023-2026

Ex-Officio Members

Executive Committee of Faculty Senate and Officers