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UFS resolution regarding Tufts links to Sackler activities

Unanimously approved, March 13th 2019.

WHEREAS great harm to many Americans has come from production and sale of opioids through companies controlled by members of the Sackler family; and

WHEREAS members of the Sackler family have made donations to Tufts University, contributed to the building at 145 Harrison Avenue as well as the graduate school of biomedical sciences; and

WHEREAS faculty, students, and staff have expressed widespread concern that use of the Sackler name represents an endorsement of the family’s business activities; and

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate strongly supports the ongoing investigations into this matter by the Tufts administration, as well as by other institutions and state governments;


  1. Continued use of the Sackler name at Tufts University conveys no intent to honor the businesses whose activities are currently under investigation.
  2. Upon completion of its investigation, Tufts University should provide a full and clear public report documenting its links to businesses controlled by members of the Sackler family.
  3. To fulfill Tufts University’s mission and communicate our values, the University should seek new opportunities to improve terminology for how we refer to Tufts activities and buildings.