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Revised Resolution on Attendance at Faculty Senate Meetings

Voted at the February 14, 2018 meeting to take effect at the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year.

Whereas the effective functioning of the Tufts University Faculty Senate and the meaningful participation and representation of the faculty in university governance requires the active attendance of all Senate members in every meeting of the Senate, and
While recognizing the many other important academic and professional demands on the time and efforts of all Senate members, The Tufts University Faculty Senate adopts the following resolution:

Resolved: All Senate members elected by Schools have an obligation to attend all regularly scheduled Senate meetings. Senate members who are unable to attend a meeting shall inform the Secretary of the Senate of that fact as soon as it is known with an explanation for their inability to attend. In cases in which a Senate member is unable to attend a regularly scheduled Senate meeting, a proxy, delegate or agent of that member shall not be permitted to attend in that member’s stead. If a Senate member is unable to attend two regularly scheduled meetings in any academic year, the Executive Committee shall consider the matter, taking into account the member’s overall contributions to the Faculty Senate and stated reasons for being absent. The Executive Committee, after consulting with the Senate member, may decide to pursue appropriate action according to Article 6, paragraph 2, of the Faculty Senate Bylaws by communicating its views to the designated liaison to the Senate of the School represented by Senate member in question.